A&J BRAND CONSTRUCTION” is an energy engineering company with experience in all energy related services, plant management, plant engineering , for sustainable and renewable energy technologies.

 Our company is concerned about the environment, reason why we decided to promote this concept that will  gain more and more importance and results.  As a result we started collaborating with the qualified executive of a Spanish company as well as its personnel that made two wind parks in the electric domain.

 ” A&J BRAND CONSTRUCTION”  company has executed several wind farms in Romania. Regarding this wind parks we realized the excavation, laying cables and auxiliaries for the 110/33 kw stations in Cernavoda, Agighiol and Dorobantu.

 ” A&J BRAND CONSTRUCTION”  company has the ANRE certificate for execution electric lines, air lines or underground lines with nominal voltage from 0,4 kv to 400 kv.  Also has ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates, having a superior management system.  Given the fact that we are a company with a valuable background, we can execute works for wind parks, having work experience in Romania as well as Europe, trying to be completely professionally equipped.

 Due to excellent logistics and gained experience on an international level, we have accomplished to offer the most competitive prices for our customers, especially in the renewable energy domain’s market. That was also possible through our affiliate company BET .

The strength of our company is it's team, team that has been able to adapt and work  at even -40°C, in order to successfully put in operation a wind park . The personnel of this company is young, but professional being able to adapt to any situation. Also, we have a strong will to realize beautiful and valuable projects within this domain of activity.

Another one of  A&J BRAND CONSTRUCTION” company’s strong points is consulting. We work on a high level to rapidly obtain ISO certificates  and ANRE certificates (0,4 kw – 400 kw and power stations ).

High performances

Always offer best quality and the guarantee for a job well done!

Environmental Care

 Total of 1300 MW Achieved

3 000 000 Tons of CO2 avoided

 33 333 333 Trees  Equivalent

Delivers on time

Always manage to keep the schedule, keeping the same top quality for all works!

Projects & Experience

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